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IT is 100% SAP Specific. Nothing else, no other focus, no other IT Hires. Only SAP, all the way.

Connect with anyone! Unlike LinkedIn, you can connect with, and view anyone on the site.

FREE unlimited SAP Job postings! (These typically cost in the range of $300/mth and due to the non-specific nature of most jobsites (think Indeed / Careerbuilder / Totaljobs / Monster / LinkedIn) generally, you get 80% junk applications. ITHerds.com is designed to avoid this, and get a much faster, relevant connection between SAP experts seeking contracting or permanent jobs, and SAP Employers needing their expertise. And posting your SAP Jobs is 100% FREE!!

Multiple member role options! Choose from 15 Jobseeker roles:

SAP Analyst / SAP Architect / SAP Delivery Leads / SAP Enterprise Salespeople / SAP Functional Consultants / SAP IT Recruiters / SAP Master Data Specialists / SAP Practice Leads / SAP Presales Consultants / SAP Program Managers / SAP Project Managers / SAP Super Users / SAP Technical Consultants / SAP Techno-Functional Consultants / SAP Trainers. Employers at present can choose a “Free” Employer profile, giving them full access to view profiles, and connect with site members.

Audio!! Hiring decisions are never made just based on what is ‘on paper’ (ie., a candidate’s CV or resume), at least 1 x conversation must be had between the person making the hiring decision, and the SAP expert, before an offer of employment (or contract) can be made. At ITHerds.com there is audio recording functionality built into each member profile. At the bottom of your profile page you OR people you know (bosses, ex-colleagues, mentors etc) can record up to 1 x minute of audio. We strongly encourage jobseeking members to do this, it’s surprising how much information you can squeeze into 1 x minute of audio recording about what your key skills are, and what you’re looking for in your next SAP Job.

Profile images are not allowed – all profile images are auto-generated by the site based on the professional role you select when you register. Why? We are aiming to help reduce bias in hiring decisions. No longer can someone make a judgement based on the colour of your skin colour, your age, or similar. Let’s keep this information out of the decision making process as much as possible.

Map Searches! After registration, create your profile (including your address (City or Town, State & Country is enough – make sure you see your pin on the map)) and save your changes – you are then map searchable by ANY site member! Summary information from your profile data will appear when someone clicks on your ‘pin’ on the map, they can then click to view your full profile, message you, download your CV, etc. Not only does this look super cool, but more importantly it allows SAP Employers the easy, visual ability, to search for SAP experts who are close to the job location (even if 99% of us are working remotely at present).

Last names are not displayed on the site. If you choose to upload your CV or Resume (optional), then obviously people will know exactly who you are, but searching for members etc keeps this information hidden, only the initial of your last name will appear to people who find you in searches, on the map, or view your profile!

! Also ! Easy messaging between members + see who is online