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To set up your profile at, you must go through 2 x simple steps. The first is to register for the site (create a username, save a password etc, and choose the SAP role you are registering as your ‘main’ SAP Role, or select “Employer – Free” if you are an employer). You are now 1/2 way done. The second step, is to edit and complete your profile! Once you have registered (step 1) the site menu will now say “Hello, (Your name)” as the 2nd menu option from the left. In the drop down menu beneath here, you can choose to edit your profile (SAP, or Employer) and here you must complete all the information, including your address (search or find yourself on the map) and then save the changes. If you only register, but never create your site profile – no-one will ever FIND you on the site (which would be very sad!). So, grab a cup of coffee, and take the 5 minutes it takes to complete your profile. You can choose up to 3 x SAP ‘Role Types’ for your profile, as well as selecting up to 20 SAP Skills to highlight. Uploading your CV or Resume is optional, but encouraged. Remember also, you can record up to 1 x minute of audio about YOU, what you’re great at, and what you’re looking for at the bottom of your profile (see the little microphone / comments section). Questions? Email OR