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ITHerds has been driven by the desire to simplify the process for SAP experts seeking employment, whilst eliminating some common factors that can cause frustration when job hunting. As a member of our site, you will experience the following:

  • Quick & easy site registration (contracting, or perm hires)
  • Provide anonymity, so that you can job hunt while employed if you wish, without fear that colleagues or management will know
  • Only employers who pay to use the site can contact you, which will eliminate anyone who isn’t serious about your skills, the aim here is to prevent time-wasters from contacting you about intangible or poorly defined roles
  • No candidate personal photographs on any profile – We aim to eliminate bias as much as possible, levelling the playing field for everyone on the site.
  • Profile images are assigned based on the ‘SAP Role Type’ you selected when you registered. For example, everyone who chose “SAP Architect” when they registered, will have a bull with a dark blue background as their profile picture. The role you choose at registration should be one that aligns most closely with your core expertise, and one for which you are fully qualified. For example, you may have SAP Architectural skills, SAP Project Management and SAP Technical skills. However, when you register you should choose the main role you are seeking employment in. You can add up to 3 x ‘role types’ when you create your profile in addition to the one you chose when you registered.
  • Let potential employers know what makes your skills stand out, exactly the type of work you are looking for, and what you enjoy about your work by recording up to 1 x minute of audio on your profile. If you have ever experienced the excitement of receiving a phone call or email about an SAP position, only to discover that the recruiter simply did a poor keyword search, and thought “2 + 2 = 5” because they didn’t pay attention to your CV properly, then this will help to prevent this. You can re-record your audio as many times as you wish until you are happy with it, and can change it anytime.
  • Audio References! Ask ex-colleagues, and those who trust you from your professional network to leave their own 1 x minute references for you on your profile, providing verbal endorsements of your aptitude, skills and focus. They will have to register as a jobseeker or employer to do so, however, they can of course mark their profile as private until or unless they too are job hunting in future!
  • Make your profile private when you want to, preventing it from appearing in searches until you are ready to job hunt