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Jobseekers sign up for free, and within less than 5 minutes will have an anonymous profile on ITHerds, where potential employers can find you via map or regular search. You have the option at the bottom of your profile to record a 1 x minute audio snippet for potential employers to listen to, letting them know what type of job you are seeking, which role(s) suit you best, and details about your SAP expertise. You can also share your profile link to professional colleagues and your network, and they can leave a quick audio snippet telling everyone how great you are! Your last name is never shown on your profile, and profile images default to the ITHerds logo ‘colour’ that corresponds with the key role you have selected to register against (you can choose up to 3 x roles in your profile, and up to 20 SAP related skills). We look forward to welcoming you to ITHerds, enabling you to effectively target your next SAP role.

24 hour paid Employer access to ITHerds gives you the opportunity to search all jobseeker profiles that are not marked as private, view rate information, CV or resume copies, and full contact information, enabling you to reach out to people you would potentially hire based on their expertise, and your needs. To be able to post jobs at you must have a paid membership of at least 1 x month long.

Employers with weekly access have the same benefits as 24 hour paid members, but simply for a longer time frame, at a cheaper overall rate! To be able to post jobs you need a membership for 1 x month, or an annual membership. You have full access to any open jobseeker profiles, and are able to listen to their audio (if recorded), view their full contact information & resume, and contact them about opportunities to work with you!

Monthly employer membership allows you to post unlimited jobs through our job page, which is searchable by candidates either via map, or regular search functionality. You also have full access to all jobseeker profiles for active members, enabling you to select the best candidates for your SAP work, based on their skillset, rates, availability, and location.

Annual membership gives you a full 365 days worth of access to ITherds, enabling you complete visibility to candidate profiles, data, CVs, availability, rates, locations and unlimited 30 day job postings (post as many, or as few as you wish!). memberships do not auto-renew. We encourage you to re-subscribe with the right membership for you, as your current membership expires.